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Cuba Reaches Middle Ages, but not the Renaissance

Cuba Reaches Middle Ages, but not the Renaissance

Our All-Time-Favorite-Commie, Uncle Castro, put Cuba on a fast-track to civilization by handing over power to his brother Raul back in 2008. Recently, Raul Castro decided to reduce the state’s control of the economy and allow Cuba’s citizens to form private, small business. He even allowed them to hire and pay employees – what a novelty!

This relaxation of Communist ideals pushed Cuba from pre-history to somewhere around early Medieval Ages on the Comparative History-line of Economic Freedom. Earlier this week, it seemed like Cuba may even climb as high as the Renaissance, when, during an interview with an American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, Fidel admitted that “the Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore”.

Unfortunately, he retracted that statement during an address to the students of University of Havana. According to Uncle Fidel, the evil American journalist misquoted him, while he meant “exactly the opposite”.

As the Food Nazi from the TV series Seinfeld would say, “No Renaissance for you!” Sorry Cuba, back to the Dark Ages..

  1. What is this?! I can not believe that there was someone who lit on fire the Holy Qu’ran in NYC. How insane is that crap! You cannot fight against extremism by mocking a faith. These rednecks are insane.

  2. Just for the record Paul, he ended up saying he’ll never do it, and it seems like he didn’t in the end.

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